What Do I Want This to Be…

You ever feel just uninspired?

I do… all the time.  In fact even after all of the blog changes made here I am still feeling uninspired.  Like I don’t have anything to offer.. no real words of insight.. no real pro-founding thoughts that need to come out of my head.

I think part of my issue is when I am writing these blog posts there is a large part of me that is wanting to see the comments.  I keep telling myself that I like to see what people are thinking and feeling about certain topics…but in all honesty I just want to see comments..and how many I can get from a post.  Which is just dumb. Originally I wanted this blog to be a sounding board to get things off my chest and I still want it to be that. But I think to make it that I need to disable to comments on the blog posts.  If I am truly doing this for the right reasons… then it shouldn’t matter if I have comments are not.  But for now the time being I think I need to just turn them off, and just let my words.. whatever they are… be the focus of this blog.

So I just ask for your prayers.. that I can figure what I am good at all the while I continue to figure out who I am in Christ.

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