Praying Circles…

Let me just be honest with you for a minute. My prayer life has kinda stunk the last couple years. I have heard some really great pray’ers and felt like my prayers needed to sound like theirs to be heard. So that would discourage me.

At church we just finished the Circle Maker series, and I am still reading the book. If you haven’t had a chance to read Circle Maker yet I highly recommend it. There is so much in this book that has opened my heart to prayer. It doesn’t come down to sounding like someone else in your prayers but it comes down to you have the faith that no matter what your prayer is that God CAN answer your prayer. In chapter 7 of the Circle Maker it starts out with God asking Moses a question before he sent the quail to the Israelites. The question was this…

Is there a limit to my power?

BAM… that hit home to me. The answer to that question is NO there isn’t. But how often have I said to myself… “there is no way this can happen” and then just start to worry and get stressed about what we were dealing with. But in the past few months I have noticed that I have finally made a mental shift. As you maybe aware we are trying to sell our house. Our home has a major septic issue, that needs to be repaired and we do not have the means to fix it. So we are trying to sell our house for what we owe and hopefully someone will look at this as a investment property and want to do the septic work. Bottom line this is our mountain that needs to be moved.

Anyone can look at our situation and say… there is no way.. this is impossible.. good luck trying to sell this house. But I know there is a buyer for this place. I am not a nervous wreck trying to figure out what we are gonna do. Karen & I said the selling of this house with be a straight up miracle. This will be our “quail in the middle of the dessert” moment. I have been reminded that God is infinitely bigger than our problem. There is nothing that he can’t handle.

So I walked a literal circle around our house…. and I prayed, and thanked Him for the person who is gonna buy our house, and I keep praying, and thanking Him for that buyer, and for continually taking care of our family, and providing for our needs. I don’t just want to keep asking for something.. but I want to Thank Him for what He has already done for us. The idea of praying circles around our situations in life really opened my eyes to how to pray. Like Mark said in his book its not about this “name it and claim it” attitude but its more about making a conscious choice that God can answer our prayers in His way and holding on to that truth.

It has been kindof a cool change to see in my prayers the past couple months going from a whiny “Please God Please God” to being more confident in my faith to thank Him for what He has done, and will do for our family.

I just want to challenge you that no matter what you are dealing with be confident in your prayers. Pray a circle around the situation and star firm in your faith that God can answer those prayers in His way and believe there is no limit to His power


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