Turning 8…


Incase you were wondering this is what an 8 year old girl looks like. Pretty much all the time. Today is this crazy, beautiful girls Birthday. I can still remember like it was yesterday sitting at work almost done for the day and getting a phone call from Karen telling me “it’s time”. I think any parent can remember those moments. Especially when it’s your first. You are so nervous about being a first time parent wanting to do everything “right” You read books, listen to all the advice everyone wants to give you, and then BAM you’re a parent. Standing in your room with a baby laying a crib, and you look at your wife and say “Now what?”

Madison gave us a run for our money… She wasn’t an easy baby… very stubborn, and strong willed. There were nights when we would just let her cry it out because nothing else we did worked. But she was always such a happy baby, such a good girl, even though there were some tough times. Fast forward 8 years and I can pretty much say the same exact thing about Madison. She still gives a run for our money. She is smart…and she knows it. She is such a happy girl, even though there were some very tough times for her.

The one thing I love more than anything about Madison is her heart. When I say she loves Angela, and Jayden I mean she LOVES them.. so deeply. And she wants everyone else to love them too. Every week at school Madi has show&tell. This past week Madi said she wants to take Angela in for show&tell. Because she wants to show off her sister to her class. That just amazes me, and makes my heart so happy.

I love how confident Madi is. She doesn’t care what other people think about her. There are a few lessons that I can take away from her, and I have. I love this crazy 8 yr old so much. She forces me to be a better parent and I’ve had to adapt my thinking because what I wanted wasn’t what she needed.

Madison, Thank You for being such a beautiful, funny, smart, caring, and loving girl. You make my heart so proud to see how you always make sure everyone is included whether it be your brother, sister, or your friends. I love to see how you worship God, and love to read your Bible and just participate in church. I pray this year you will grow closer to God, and will continue to blossom into the beautiful young lady that God has created you to be.

So Happy Birthday Peanut…. I love you.


(photo credit: Karen Owens–my smokin hot wife)

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