Welcome…. Again

Im back… not that I really ever left but I neglected this blog for awhile.  To be honest I have missed it.  I do not claim to be a great writer, or even a blogger but I do have thoughts that roll around my head and I think… hmmmm that would be good to post about.  So a Big Thanks!! to Nathan for helping get a simple/clean template and place and to my wife for the slick new header.  I love it.

Its funny how just in the past couple months I’ve been able to see myself grow and mature a bit.  I am finally am to a point where I am learning to let go of so many things that used to stress me out, and I am starting to actually put my faith more in Christ because He has my back in every situation.  I am looking forward to posting more frequently here the ramblings in my head, and the things that I think about.  If people read, and feel inclined to comment then that is awesome.  If they don’t then thats awesome too.  I’m not letting comments or the lack thereof dictate whether I write or not.


So Welcome…again to this here blog.  It’s nice to be back



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